Apple Cider Fizz Cocktail

Apple Cider Fizz Cocktail

This tangy Apple Cider Fizz cocktail recipe is a great way to use up the extra fresh apple cider you bought when you were on that fun apple-picking weekend trip. The drink is sweet (but not too cloyingly sweet) and refreshing, and a low alcohol beverage (vermouth only) to enjoy on a crisp autumn evening. This recipe is easy to make in batches, so it’s a sweet option for serving to friends and family as a pre-Thanksgiving dinner drink.

Category, Yields1 Serving


 3 oz Sweet vermouth
 3 oz Apple cider
 2 tsp dark brown sugar
 1 oz Fresh squeezed lemon juice
 8 oz Club soda
 Simple syrup for garnish



Add a couple of tablespoons of the Ruby Red sugar to a shallow bowl. Brush the rims of your cocktail glasses with the simple syrup and dip them into the sugar. Set aside.

Add the brown sugar to a cocktail mixing glass, then pour in the lemon juice. Muddle until the sugar is dissolved. Add ice to the mixing glass, then pour in the vermouth and apple cider. Stir gently, then slowly add the soda water. Stir gently again, fill the prepared glasses and serve.

Bar Supplies:

Cocktail mixing glass

Muddler or wooden spoon

Rocks or short martini glasses (chilled)

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