How to Create a Harvest Table with Popcorn


One of our favorite parts of welcoming guests at Thanksgiving is decorating the table. We definitely start a couple of days before, laying out place settings, folding napkins, choosing glassware and stocking up on florals. But the star of the table show is always the centerpiece and here is where we put in a lot of thought so let us show you how to create a harvest table with popcorn.

In years past, we’ve done vases full of flowers and branches, bowls of seasonal fruit, platters of sweets and runners of greenery. This year we thought about doing an edible centerpiece but one that would last for a while on our table, was easily refillable and one that would inspire our guests to snack. We don’t know about you but we celebrate Thanksgiving from Thursday all the way till Monday and plan our leftovers accordingly. Therefore, the centerpiece stays on the table even after the main meal has been cleared away.

Given our love for all things popcorn, it was not hard to think of it as the perfect replenishable, edible snack for the table. The fun part was deciding how to display it. We went for a slightly rustic, harvest table approach this year and that meant baskets.

Do you all hoard baskets every time some gift arrives in one or is it just us? Yeah, we didn’t think it was just us. HA! If you are not, for some reason, a basket hoarder, you can find plenty of options at garage sales (formerly belonging to other basket hoarders), thrift stores, Etsy and, of course, Amazon. We chose something a little more shallow which is known as a harvest or gathering basket.

The popcorn containers can just be whatever bowls you have in the house but we couldn’t resist these little 1/4 peck baskets. We see them loaded with fruit and veggies at the farmer’s market all the time and always thought they’d be great for popcorn. And so they are. Just insert a scoop and have some plates or small bowls handy for your guests to help themselves.

You can choose different flavors of popcorn, of course, but we just went with different seasonings instead. Some sweet, some spicy, some salty, a taste for everyone. Or maybe treat your guests to a sampler of different types of popcorn. Our movie theater kernels are a good balance of crunchy and chewy with that classic corn taste. Mushroom kernels, however, are fatter and rounder. They are fun for kettle corn and caramel style popcorns. Check out all our varieties here to find the style, or styles you like best.

The rest of the basket and the table is filled with seasonal items because, in addition to being basket hoarders, we also tend to over-purchase pumpkins, gourds, branches, leaves, more gourds, decorative corn, maybe a few more gourds. We’ll try to find some kind of 12 step program after the holidays. Maybe. Flowers are always welcome on any table, of course. But if you’re buying fresh flowers, you’ll need little vases or jars filled with water. We chose to use dried florals because it was one less thing to deal with. After all, those pies won’t just bake themselves.

Of course, if you don’t have a huge table, go ahead and set up a smaller one, even a folding card table, in a corner of the room. Just be sure to let your guests know that they are welcome to eat the popcorn in the centerpiece display and just refill it as needed. We’re sure it will be a big hit and we wish you the happiest Thanksgiving for our family to yours.

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