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Coffee Cake - Square 1

Popcorn Topped Coffee Cake

The recipe for a popcorn topped coffee cake includes the classic flavors of sour cream and cinnamon combined with a crunchy popcorn topping and sweet glaze.

Shamrock Shake - Square

Popcorn Shamrock Shake

The popcorn shamrock shake combines vanilla ice cream, popcorn milk and a touch of crème de menthe for a delicious St. Patrick’s Day themed treat.

Pink Popcorn - Square 1

How to Make Pink Popcorn

Whether it’s for a gender reveal party, a baby shower or a birth announcement, we’ll show you how to make pink popcorn that’s sweet, pretty and delicious.

Red Popcorn - Square 2

How to Make Red Popcorn

Whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or a Galentine’s gift, we’ll show you how to make red popcorn that’s sweet, delicious and brightly colored.

King Cake Popcorn - Square 1

King Cake Popcorn

Our king cake popcorn recipe includes creamy butter and sweet melted white chocolate tinted with the traditional Mardi Gras colors of purple, green and gold.


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