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Popcorn Nachos - Square 1

Popcorn Nachos

The popcorn nachos recipe replaces traditional tortilla chips with crunchy popcorn topped with cheese, beans, tomatoes, guacamole and seasoning.

Coffee Cake - Square 1

Popcorn Topped Coffee Cake

The recipe for a popcorn topped coffee cake includes the classic flavors of sour cream and cinnamon combined with a crunchy popcorn topping and sweet glaze.


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Popcorn Lovers Gift Box

Popcorn Lovers Gift Box

We have the perfect gift idea for your popcorn loving but otherwise “hard to shop for” Valentine or even friend or family member. Try putting together a Popcorn Lovers Gift Box for them and they’re guaranteed to love their present. They might even share some of their popcorn with you.