Where to Buy Our Favorite Popcorn Bar Supplies

  Where to get the extra goodies you might need for your popcorn bar – whether it’s fun and fancy cardstock and paper to DIY popcorn cones, or a movie style popcorn maker of your very own. We only recommend products we would use ourselves, and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post contains affiliate links, which means when you click on them and make a purchase, we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Printable Popcorn Bar Decorations by Dell Cove Spices and More Co.®

Our Favorite Products for a Popcorn Bar

Seasoning Shakers – Square Glass Spice Jars – Card Stock – Oil Spritzer – Label Paper – Small Popcorn Boxes – Candy Sprinkles – Candy Crumbles & Mini Marshmallows – Popcorn Kernels – Popcorn Oil – Truffle Oil – Ghee – Mini Slow Cooker – Place Card Holders – Classic Movie Glasses

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Stainless Steel Seasoning Shakers

Stainless Steel Seasoning Shakers These stainless steel shakers are the perfect size for a large crowd and hold 10 oz of seasoning. Buy on Amazon

Square Glass Spice Jars

Square Glass Spice Jars These glass jars are great for families and hold up to 4 oz of seasoning. Buy Square Glass Spice Jars on Amazon

Card Stock

Card Stock Print your popcorn cones and tags on card stock. Pick colors that work for your popcorn bar signage. Add some extra glam with these great metallics! Buy Card Stock on Amazon

Oil Spritzer

Oil Spritzer An oil spritzer (or mister) for adding just a little moisture to your popped corn, to help the seasonings stick. Buy Oil Spritzer on Amazon

Label or Sticker Paper

Label Sticker Paper You will need blank label paper or sticker paper to print for your seasoning shakers. Be sure to get paper that will work with your printer (depending on if you have an inkjet or laser printer). Buy Label Paper on Amazon

Small Popcorn Boxes

Small Popcorn Boxes You need boxes or bags or bowls for your guests to put their popcorn in. These are pretty tiny – 5″ x 3.75″ x 2.25″ – so go for a bigger size if you know people will eat a lot of popcorn. Buy Popcorn Boxes on Amazon

Candy Sprinkles

Candy Sprinkles Fun sprinkles in different flavors and colors. Mix and match your sprinkles to tie in with your popcorn bar theme. Buy Candy Sprinkles on Amazon

Candy Crumbles & Mini Marshmallows

Candy Crumbles and Mini Marshmallows Other candy sprinkles and marshmallows for toppings. We like to mix mini dehydrated marshmallows with regular mini marshmallows, for a mix of soft-and-crunchy textures. Buy Candy Crumbles & Mini Marshmallows on Amazon

Popcorn Kernels

Popcorn Kernels We recommend using a mushroom style popcorn – called that because it pops in a round, ball shape. This variety is what is used for making caramel corn, and has more surface for letting seasonings and toppings stick. Buy Popcorn Kernels on Amazon

Popcorn Oil

Popcorn Oil Popcorn pops better in a pan if you use an oil with a high smoke point. So opt for a canola, corn, safflower or a light olive oil. Buy Popcorn Oil on Amazon

Truffle Oil

Truffle Oil One option instead of butter to spritz over your popped corn: truffle oil. Very earthy, pairs better with salt and savory seasonings. Buy Truffle Oil on Amazon


Ghee A second option instead of butter: ghee. Ghee is clarified butter – or butter that has been simmered and strained to remove all water. It has a very clean, sweet flavor and, once warmed, will give a nutty flavor. Buy Ghee on Amazon

Mini Slow Cooker

Mini Slow Cooker A mini slow cooker will let you keep butter or ghee melted, so people can drizzle some on top of their popcorn! Buy Mini Slow Cooker on Amazon

Place Card Holders

Placecard Holders An easy way to put up small signs for your topping containers. Buy Place Card Holders on Amazon

Classic Movie Glasses

Classic 3D Movie Glasses Kids love these! Fun, inexpensive, and functional. Buy Movie Glasses on Amazon

Create your very own Movie Night Popcorn Bar with our Printable Kit

Ready to create your very own popcorn bar? Check out our printable kit. You can download it immediately, and it comes with printable popcorn cones, signs, seasoning labels, popcorn tags, and topping tags; plus a full-color instructional eBook. It’s fun and easy, and fully-editable so you can customize it for your very own movie night. Get your instant printable popcorn kit here.