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White Russian Cocktail

Yields1 Serving

White Russian Cocktail

 4 oz Vodka
 2 oz Kahlua
 2 oz Heavy whipping cream
 Simple syrup for rimming the glasses
 Chocolate or vanilla flavored cocktail rim sugar
 Dell Cove Spices & More® Sugar Cookie Popcorn Seasoning

Add a spoonful or so of the rim sugar to a shallow bowl. Brush two chilled rocks glasses with the simple syrup and dip into the sugar.

Next, add the vodka and Kahlua to each glass. Top with the heavy cream, stir gently and serve. To create a layered effect, pour the cream slowly over the back of bar spoon to create the layered look – and do not stir before serving. Sprinkle some of Dell Cove Sugar Cookie popcorn seasoning on top, and serve.

Bar Supplies:

Rocks or old fashioned glasses

Bar spoon or regular spoon

Dell Cove Spices & More® Sugar Cookie Popcorn Seasoning

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