Vampire Kiss Martini

Vampire Kiss Martini

The Vampire Kiss Martini recipe is a fun Halloween cocktail recipe that combines vodka, Chambord, and Champagne. The result: a blood red martini that is a sweet drink (but not too sweet). A perfect as a witches brew on All Hallow’s Eve and beyond. It’s bewitching red color comes from the chambord, a cognac based liqueur flavored with both black and red raspberries as well as Madagascar vanilla, honey and citrus peel.

Category, Yields1 Serving


 3 oz Vodka
 3 oz Champagne
 1 ½ oz Chambord
 Simple syrup for glass rims



Rim chilled glasses with cocktail rim sugar and set aside. Next, vodka and chambord to ice filled shaker. Cover the shaker and shake well, until the shaker is frosted. Strain into glasses, top with champagne and serve.

Bar Supplies:

Bar Supplies:

Martini glasses (chilled)

Cocktail shaker

Dell Cove® Ruby Red cocktail rim sugar

Dell Cove® Midnight Black cocktail rim sugar

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