Tootsie Roll Shots

Dell Cove Spices & More Tootsie Roll shots recipe is a combination of chocolate, coffee and orange flavors, and recreates a favorite childhood treat.

Love candy? Our Tootsie Roll shots recipe is a combination of chocolate, coffee and orange flavors, and recreates a favorite childhood treat. Want to make this more chocolate flavored? Swap out the coffee for crème de cocoa.

The Tootsie Roll cocktail is one of those drink recipes that we (and lots of others) make that recreates a Halloween candy that is still David’s favorite sweet. One note of caution: This drink is delicious and very easy to have too many, so I actually like to sip these. (Yes, you can sip a shot!) There are tons of Tootsie Roll recipes out on the Internet and they all vary quite a bit.

The flavor you’re going for is a mix of chocolate and coffee, with just a hint of orange flavor. Some recipes skip the citrus and focus on the chocolate (which we think is a mistake) or add nut-flavored liqueurs (which is interesting as a flavor twist).

Here is a big tip: When you are using a sugar garnish that has tiny edible candy sprinkles (also known as edible confetti sprinkles or edible mini quins), you will need to make sure that your glass rim is very sticky. Simple syrup can work – but only if the sprinkles are small.

If you go with a larger sprinkle, you will need to brush on something thicker onto the glass rim – such as honey or maple syrup or even a corn syrup – to really get the candies to stick.

Category, Yields1 Serving


 1 oz coffee liqueur
 2 oz Dekuyper liqueur orange curacao
 1 oz vodka



If you bought your syrup or are using honey or corn syrup, skip this step.

If you want to make your own simple syrup, add two-parts sugar to one-part water to a saucepan. Bring to boil in saucepan and CAREFULLY and CONSTANTLY stir until sugar dissolves and the liquid mixture is clear. The liquid may take on a slightly golden color, depending on if you are using raw or organic sugar. Remove the saucepan from the heat, and completely cool the syrup.

Store the simple syrup in an airtight container, in your fridge, until ready to use. This simple syrup can stay fresh up to 4 weeks


Pour 1 teaspoon of the orange sanding sugar with 1 teaspoon of the bat candy confetti sprinkles into a shallow bowl and mix. Brush honey or corn syrup onto the rim of your shot glass.

Turn your glass upside down, at a 45-degree angle, and dip glass rim into the sugar-candy mix. Gently move the glass around the sugar, rotating the glass as you go.

Lift glass out of sugar. Tap off excess. Turn glass right-side up and repeat process. If there are empty spots, it means there was not enough moisture on the rim. To fix, simply dab glass rim with syrup and dip again in sugar mix.


Pour half the coffee liqueur into the bottom of each shot glass. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add remaining liquids and cover shaker. Shake well, then strain into shot glasses and serve.

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