Popcorn Charcuterie Board

Popcorn Charcuterie Board

Our popcorn charcuterie board is a fun new twist on serving appetizers. It’s cocktail party season but even if they are still scaled down, December is definitely a month for visiting. A full-on dinner spread is a lot of work but charcuterie boards are the answer to feeding people easily and deliciously. We recommend keeping certain items in the fridge and pantry throughout the month so that it’s easy to throw together a board for last minute guests.

Do keep boxes of crackers in the pantry, a few cheeses in the fridge, a selection of fruit such as apples, satsuma oranges, grapes or even dried fruit are great ways to fill out a board. Pick up a fresh loaf or baguette and some sliced deli meats like turkey, salami or ham when you know guests are coming. And, our favorite snack, a bag of popcorn and selection of seasonings in the cupboard.

We’ve found that popcorn is the munching ice breaker when it comes to charcuterie boards. Include a big bowl of it and guests will reach for it first. Once they’ve started eating, they’ll begin to tuck into the cheeses and meats as well.

You could just do one big bowl of buttery popcorn but why stop there. We’ve found that guests love to try different things so we set out a lot of small pinch bowls filled with a variety of our popcorn seasonings. Some are sweet and some are spicy but all are delicious and give people a chance to try different flavors.

Guests with a sweet tooth enjoy candy or chocolate with their popcorn which is why we like to include some on our board. And our salted caramel, chocolate caramel or kettle corn seasonings will be a big hit for them.

The chili heads will love our spicy Cajun and white cheddar jalapeno blends. Buttery garlic, salt and vinegar, Buffalo wings and white cheddar for the classics and dill pickle seasoning for that pickle lover in the crowd.

Our seasonings bags are generously sized so that you’ll have enough to host multiple popcorn feasts. And, of course, we recommend our premium popcorns.

Variety is definitely key. Don’t go crazy buying dozens of cheeses but do provide something soft and spreadable like brie or goat cheese and a firm cheese like cheddar. If you’re serving something sharp, like blue cheese, also provide something mild, like gruyere or gouda. And our biggest cheese eating tip of all is to start the cheese! Your guests won’t be the first to slice into a new wheel or log. Do it for them and they’ll follow.

Category, , Yields6 ServingsDifficultyBeginner
Prep Time15 mins


 ¼ lb Brie cheese
 ½ lb Cheddar cheese, cubed or sliced
 1 Apple, sliced
 ½ lb Sliced deli meats
 1 Bar chocolate
 1 Baguette, sliced



Use a large board that is easy for your guests to access and easily see all the options. Set out small plates so that people can take a few things at a time and not have to keep reaching into the board. Provide small knifes to slice into the cheeses and to spread soft cheeses, like Brie or goat cheese, onto the baguette slices. Don't forget the napkins.


For any hard cheeses like cheddar, cube or slice the cheese for easy access. People are reluctant to be the first to cut into a new hunk of cheese. Likewise, for the Brie or other soft cheese, scoop a little out and onto a cracker so that the cheese is no longer pristine. This will encourage guests to dig in.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 6

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