Popcorn Bunny Bait for Easter

Popcorn Bunny Bait 1

What would Easter be without a sweet and salty bunny bait snack? But we go it one better with popcorn bunny bait for Easter because every snack is better with popcorn.

So, what exactly is bunny bait? Nope, it’s not food for your pet bunny although bunny might like it. This one is definitely a treat for the kids, and, of course, we’re including adult kids in that description. Typically, bunny bait is an Easter themed snack mix made with salty pretzels, chocolate candies, sprinkles, melted chocolate, nuts and cereal squares. In our version, we exchanged the crunchy cereal for crunchy popcorn because, as everyone knows, we’re a little popcorn obsessed around here. And it really is the perfect crunchy snack.

The combination of ingredients yields a sticky, salty, sweet mixture that hardens when it dries so that you can break it up into pieces to grab for a snack. We also love gifting homemade bait by putting a few pieces in a plastic or cellophane baggie, adding a colorful ribbon and a nice holiday note. Grab an inexpensive Easter basket from a local store and fill it with the cellophane bags to hand out to guests, or delivery people, who drop by. Who wouldn’t be happy to get one?

Of course, these snack mixes are very customizable. If you’re concerned about the peanuts, just use cashews or almonds instead. Or make some bags with nuts and some without for those folks with nut allergies. And do raid the Easter candy aisle at the store for fun mix-ins. We’d avoid soft candies, like gummies or jelly beans for this. But any candy with a shell, like M&M’s or crispy chocolate eggs are perfect. We crush some of them up a bit before adding them in to get a variety of textures.

The broken pretzels add the right amount of salt but, if you’re leaving those out, a sprinkle of coarse sea salt will also work. Chocolate coated pretzels? Definitely!

Because the only cooking involved is melting some candy in the microwave, this recipe is great for making with kids. The only hard part is resisting to urge to eat it all before it dries enough to break into pieces. Our solution? Make more than one batch.

Special thanks to Cooking Panda for the recipe!


Category, , , Yields12 ServingsDifficultyBeginner
Prep Time15 minsTotal Time1 hr


 1 ½ cups Pretzel twists, broken in half
 ½ cup Salted peanuts
 2 cups White candy melts
 12 oz Pastel candy coated chocolates
 ½ cup Sprinkles
 1 cup Colorful candy melts



Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.


Place the popped popcorn kernels in a large mixing bowl, then add the broken pretzels and salted peanuts.


In a microwave-safe medium bowl, heat the white candy melts per the package instructions until smooth.


Pour the candy melts over the popcorn, pretzel and peanut mixture, then use a spatula to quickly (but gently!) toss and stir until the candy melts have coated all of the ingredients.


Gently fold in the candy coated chocolates.


Transfer the coated popcorn mixture to the prepared baking sheet and spread out into an even layer.


While the candy melts are still wet, sprinkle with festive sprinkles as desired.


To add more color, heat the colorful candy melts and drizzle them on top of the popcorn bunny bait.

Popcorn Bunny Bait 2


Let the popcorn bunny bait dry completely (about 45 minutes), then use your hands to gently break it apart into snack-sized pieces.

Nutrition Facts

Servings 12

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