Frozen Mango Margarita

Frozen Mango Margarita

Do you want to learn how to rim a glass with either colorful cocktail sugar or margarita salt? Whether you’re making our frozen mango margarita or any tropical margarita recipe or simple mezcal cocktail, you can still make it look professional even as you whip it up at home.

To make this recipe as a mango margarita on the rocks, rather than a pitcher of frozen blended mango margaritas, simply swap the frozen mango chunks out for 10 oz of mango puree. Pour all the liquids, along with the mango puree, into a large pitcher. Stir well, pour your mango margarita cocktail into salt-rimmed glasses filled with ice and serve.

This recipe always reminds us of long, lazy summer days on the beach because it’s delicious whether you choose to use frozen mango chunks for a blended frozen margarita, or fresh fruit to serve over ice for an “on the rocks” drink. To make this as a mocktail, swap out the alcohol with a bubbly lemon-lime soda.

Want to learn how to rim a glass with cocktail sugar or cocktail salt? Check out our easy to follow recipe tutorial here.

CategoryYields1 Serving
 10 oz frozen, diced mango
 ¼ cup fresh lime juice
  cup tequila
 2 tsp Cointreau
 Light agave syrup or simple syrup
 Ice and Ice water
 Pink margarita salt for garnish (we like the one made by Snowy River)
 Fresh Limes

If you bought your syrup, you can skip this step. If you want to make your own simple syrup, add two parts sugar to one part water to a saucepan. Bring to boil in saucepan and CAREFULLY and CONSTANTLY stir until sugar dissolves and the liquid mixture is clear. The liquid may take on a slightly golden color, depending on if you are using raw or organic sugar. Remove the saucepan from the heat, and completely cool the syrup.

Store the simple syrup in an airtight container, in your fridge, until ready to use. This simple syrup can stay fresh up to 4 weeks


If you are using simple syrup: Put some of your syrup into a bowl. Place four margarita glasses in the freezer for 10 minutes to chill. Turn your drink glass upside down and dip the glass rim into the syrup. Lift your glass straight up, and hold it upside down for a few seconds, to allow excess syrup to drip off.

Then, dip the rim of your glass into the salt. Gently move the glass around, rotating the glass as you go. Hold upside down and shake off excess salt. Fill glass with ice, set aside and repeat.

If you want to use a lime wedge to moisten the glass edge: Wet the glass rim and follow the same directions.


Once you have garnished the glasses with margarita salt, set them aside. Then, put all the remaining ingredients (including 2 to 3 tablespoons of the agave or simple syrup) into a blender and blend until smooth. If cocktail is too thick, add more ice water. Pour into your glasses, garnish with a slice of fresh mango or a lime wheel and enjoy!

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