Cocktail Lovers Gift Box

Cocktail Lovers Gift Box

If you have a cocktail loving but “hard to shop for” Valentine then putting together a Cocktail Lovers Gift Box might be just the right present for them.

We have several friends and family members that just seem to have everything. But we know they do love a good drink. So we grabbed some pretty red shirt boxes from the craft store along with shredded paper filler. Then we loaded up the box with a couple of pretty cocktail glasses, a nice shaker and jigger and some of our favorite flavors and colors of rim sugars and salts. And viola, we had a cocktail lovers gift box!

You can even include their favorite bottle of booze and maybe some recipes (feel free to print out any from our website). And if it’s a romantic Valentine, make sure you give them the box in person so you can enjoy a romantic cocktail together.

CategoryYields1 Serving

Fill the shirt-box with the filler paper and tuck in the various cocktail rim sugars and rim salts. If you are including cocktail glasses, you might want to wrap them in paper or bubble wrap to protect them. Tuck in the shaker and jigger as well as some of your favorite cocktail recipes.

Tie the box with a ribbon and include a flower for a special touch.

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