Blushing Lady Martini

Blushing Lady Martini

Our Blushing Lady martini is a great way to get ready for Galentine’s Day (yes, it’s a thing among us “Parks and Recreation fans”)? This pink and black lovely is a little tart, a little sweet, and totally tasty. Scale back the vodka and boost the pink grapefruit juice if you want to pump up the pink color and tart flavor.

The thing we like about this pretty little cocktail is that it’s not cloyingly sweet. Vodka with pomegranate liqueur and pink grapefruit juice makes a perfect in-between option for spring events, when we’re moving away from the warmth of winter drinks (which are great for chasing off the chill when it’s snowing outside) and not quite ready for the beach-and-bubbly creations of summer beach and BBQ concoctions (when we’re longing for something to help cool us off from the heat).

We also make these as mocktails: Swap the vodka out for lemon-lime soda, and the pomegranate liqueur for pomegranate juice (or pomegranate-grape juice). Be sure to serve this mocktail version over ice, to help keep the drink nice and cold.

Need photos of how to rim a glass like this pink and black martini? Check out our easy to follow recipe tutorial here. Want to serve this as a frozen drink, rather than serve it straight up? Add all liquids into a blender, along with 1 cup of crushed ice. Blend on high until blended to desired consistency, then pour into sugar rimmed glasses and serve.

CategoryYields1 Serving


 4 oz Vodka
 1 oz pomegranate liqueur
 1 oz pink grapefruit juice
 Black cocktail sugar (we like this one from Snowy River)
 Pink cocktail sugar (we like this Triple Berry sugar by Rokz)
 Simple syrup for moistening the glass rim



Get a plate. Imagine the plate is a pie. Mentally divide the plate into two even slices of pie. Pour one colored sugar into each slice of the plate’s “pie”. Get two chilled glasses.

Take one glass and moisten the glass rim with simple syrup (or even a watered down honey will work). Hold the glass rim facing down, to allow the excess syrup to drip off.

Then, dip the glass rim into your plate of sugar. Move the glass gently, to make sure the sugar sticks to the rim. Lift the glass straight up, gently shaking off any excess sugar. Turn glass right side up and set glass aside. Repeat with second glass and set aside.


Pour the liquid ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Cover shaker and shake vigorously until shaker is chilled. Strain into the prepared glasses, and serve.

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