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Black Martini Recipe

Yields1 Serving

This Black Martini recipe is a great drink for any dark occasion, including your Halloween party. While there are many black martini cocktail recipes out there, this one was inspired by our son-in-law, who loves classic German licorice. We use Black Sabuca in this drink recipe, which is an anise-flavored liqueur that deep blue in color and made by the infusion of witch elder bush and licorice. It gives our Black Martini recipe a dark twist, one that's both spooky and elegant for your All Hallows Eve party. This cocktail recipe is just for grown-up goblins: Serve up a little black magic in a glass, that's dark as the night. The cocktail sugar rimmer can be a little challenging to get right, because of the tiny black bat-shaped candy sprinkles. In order to get them to stick, you will need to brush honey or corn syrup onto the rim of your glasses.

 4 oz Vodka
 2 oz Black Sambuca
 Honey or corn syrup
 Orange sanding sugar
 Bat shaped candy confetti (edible)

Pour 1 teaspoon of the orange sanding sugar with 1 teaspoon of the bat candy confetti sprinkles into a shallow bowl, and mix together. Brush honey or corn syrup onto the rim of your glass. Turn your glass upside down, at a 45-degree angle, and dip glass rim into the sugar-candy mix. Gently move the glass around the sugar, rotating the glass as you go.

Lift glass out of sugar. Tap off excess. Turn glass right-side up and repeat process. If there are empty spots, it means there was not enough moisture on the rim. To fix, simply dab glass rim with syrup and dip again in sugar mix.


Add vodka and black Sambuca to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into your garnished martini glasses and serve.