Apple Spice Margarita

Autumn Apple Sangria is a delicious fall season drink. As the weather turns cool and crisp – and nearby orchards are teeming with juicy apples and pears, ready to pick – we love being able to invite friends over to hang out and relax with a glass or mug of this apple sangria in front of the fire.

This Apple Spice Margarita recipe is the drink to make when you want to spice up your fall dinners or host a Christmas party. But what makes this holiday cocktail a hit is that it mixes the classic flavors of your standard summer margarita with a winter twist of apple cider and cinnamon rim sugar. We prefer organic non-alcoholic apple cider in this drink recipe. Can’t find that? You can also for apple juice or apple-cranberry juice.

Want to make this a mocktail instead? That is super easy. Swap out the tequila for 3 oz each of ginger beer and sparkling water, which will help cut the sweetness of the apple cider. Need help learning how to rim a glass with cocktail sugar for your Gingerbread Spice margarita recipe, when you make up a batch of these cocktail drinks for the holidays? Check out our easy to follow recipe tutorial here.

CategoryYields1 Serving
 4 oz Reposado tequila
 4 oz Organic apple cider
 2 Whole, juiced fresh limes
 1 ½ tsp agave nectar or simple syrup
 ½ tbsp plus extra for garnish, of Dell Cove® Cinnamon Kiss cocktail rim sugar
 Star anise to garnish

Add some of the Dell Cove® Cinnamon Kiss cocktail rim sugar to a shallow bowl. Brush the rims of two cocktail glasses with the agave nectar or simple syrup and dip into the sugar. Fill the glasses with ice and set aside.


Carefully pour the tequila, apple cider, lime juice, agave nectar and 1/2 tablespoon of Dell Cove® Cinnamon Kiss cocktail rim sugar into a cocktail shaker full of ice. Cover, shake vigorously until the shaker is well chilled and strain the mixture into your prepared glasses. Garnish with a star of anise, if desired, and serve.

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