Want to learn how to rim a glass with cocktail sugar for your Valentine’s Day drinks, bridal party cocktail hour or any drink glass? Check out our easy to follow recipe tutorial. But be sure to use a thicker, stickier syrup to moisten the glass edge, such as a corn syrup. Why? It will help make sure the candy hearts stick to the glass rim. Want to make this a mocktail? Use soda water or a lemon-lime soda instead of wine.

Valentine's Day Cocktail - Sealed with a Kiss Champagne Punch with rim sugar. I'm a sucker for sparkles and champagne on Valentine's Day (and pretty much every day of the year). But if you're like me and trying to create champagne cocktail (that's not cloyingly sweet) for the one you love - then go with a batch of this recipe, which blends pomegranate juice and ginger ale with Prosecco (or your favorite sparkling wine) and our Smooch cocktail rim sugar.