Looking to add some sweetness into your Easter brunch? Look no further! Easter Martinis!

Easter is one of those holidays where you can have your candy and drink it too. Sugary sweet and full of joy, you’ll delight guests of all ages with this fabulous Easter Martini favorite!

Try this Marshmallow Peep Easter Martini. It is dessert in a glass. For this sweet martini, you will need these ingredients: marshmallow vodka, vanilla simple syrup, cream, ice and our Easter Candy cocktail sugar. And, of course, a bag of Easter peeps.

Want to learn how to rim a glass with sugar for your marshmallow Peep Easter martini, a simpler marshmallow martinis recipe (though, really, is there anything simple about working with marshmallow?) or some other marshmallow Easter martini drink idea? Check out our easy to follow tutorial.

Prefer to make this into a kid-friendly drink? Or something to serve as a nonalcoholic drink option? Swap out the marshmallow vodka with whole milk in the recipe.