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This Elderflower Vanilla Champagne Float cocktail is definitely a good enough reason for breaking out the champagne and toasting. Fortunately, it is bubbly season and, since we’re closing out a decade, definitely a reason to toast. Good times ahead.

No need to wait for New Year’s Eve, though, to start hoisting this delicious drink. We’re offering it for all dinner parties and gatherings this season because any meeting of friends should be a  celebration. And we make ours extra festive with a sparkling rim using our gold Christmas rim sugar with its flecks of red and green and gold.

Note: If you’re nervous about opening a champagne bottle, don’t be. It’s actually quicker and easier than uncorking a standard bottle of wine. Simply peel off the foil over the cap and you’ll see a metal twist tie. Untwist it and discard. Don’t worry, the bottle won’t explode. Then take a kitchen towel and place it over the cork while gently twisting and pulling it off. You’ll hear a small pop and the job is done with no spilled champagne and no frightening jolt.

Elderflower Vanilla Champagne Float

Elderflower Vanilla Champagne Float

  • Author: Dell Cove Spices



For the Cocktail:
1 Scoop vanilla ice cream
1 oz. Elderflower liqueur
4 oz. Dry champagne
For the rim:
1 Tablespoon corn or simple syrup


Pour a tablespoon or two of the rimming sugar into a shallow dish. Brush the edges of a champagne coupe glass with the corn or simple syrup and roll it around in the sugar. Place in the freezer for a few minutes to set.

Scoop the vanilla ice cream into the prepared champagne glass. Pour the elderflower liqueur over it and top with the champagne.

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