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Have questions about how to use our digital printables for creating your own DIY popcorn bars? We’re here to help!

Downloading your Files

  • Your files are best viewed on a desktop computer (PC or Mac). If you haven’t already, download Adobe Reader at
  • Follow the instructions in your order confirmation email to download your files. All files are in PDF format and will open using Adobe Reader. Make sure to read the instructions files included with each individual design.
  • Some files use specific fonts. If the file uses special fonts, the instructions page or section for that file will include a link to download the font from a free commercial-use site like FontSquirrel. You’ll need to download the fonts for your file in order for it to look like the examples.
  • Need help installing fonts? Check out this guide to installing fonts on your PC or Mac, complete with videos.

Personalizing Your Files

  • Most files have editable text. When you’ve opened your desired file, look for blue highlighted fields. Click in the field and type your own text.
  • Make sure to save your file when you’re done.

Printing at Home

  • Make sure to set your scale to Actual (not Fit) so it will print out to the correct size.
  • It’s always a good idea to print your file on plain printer paper first to make sure the size and colors are correct. Then, you can print on your fancy paper or card stock.
  • Files larger than US Letter (like our movie marquee sign) and designs that use a lot of ink (like our movie screen sign) are best printed by a print shop. For recommendations, see the next section about professional printing.

Professional Printing

While you can print most of your files at home, you should consider using a professional printer for:

  • Oversized signs (have them mount the design on foam board)
  • Files that use a lot of ink (like the movie screen sign)

We always recommend supporting your local small businesses first, so call around to your local print shop to see what they offer. Ask them how they’d prefer to receive your files; whether by USB drive, upload, or email. Some print shops offer easy upload options through their website.

Large Signs: Mount on Foam Board

If you can’t find a local print shop, FedEx Office offers foam board mounting for large signs. They printed and mounted the sign in the photo below. You can simply upload your edited, saved file to their website. Make sure to choose the correct size for upload.

Save your ink, print a photo

Walgreens and other photo printing services offer a great alternative to printing out our movie screen sign, which can use a lot of ink from your inkjet printer (or toner from your laser printer.) An 8×10 photo print can cost as little as 69 cents! This is a great way to save your expensive ink cartridges. Then it’s easy to display in a standard photo frame.


Send us a message if you have questions and we’ll be happy to help!

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