How to Up Your Grill Game with Dell Cove Spices & More


No matter if you’re a charcoal master or a BBQ novice, Dell Cove Spices & More has an array of dry rubs and grilling spices guaranteed to enhance the flavor of your food. But even the best spice rubs won’t help improve your cooking if you ignore the fundamentals of how to cook over open flame. Here are some tips for ultimate meat satisfaction:

Direct Heat Versus Indirect Heat

  • Direct heat is when you need to cook something quickly on high heat and directly over the flame, such as a steak. Turn on one set of burners to med/high or pour your charcoal over half of your grill grate to ensure one side is hot (direct), and the other side is cool (indirect.)
  • Indirect heat is used when foods need to stay away from high heat to fully cook up to temperature. For example, if you put fatty (yum!) sausages over direct heat for too long, you’ll likely burn them as the fat liquefies and juices drip into the flames, causing flare-ups. Try starting sausages on direct heat to brown them, then move them over to the indirect side to let them finish cooking.

A-1 Steak Tips

First, remove your steak from the fridge 20 minutes before grilling, letting the steak come to room temperature. When steak is too cold, it won’t cook evenly. Liberally sprinkle Dell Cove’s Classic Steak Seasoning, made with coarse sea salt and three types of peppercorns on the steaks as they come up to temp.
Next, you’ll want to get your grill very hot, ideally so that you can’t place your hand over the grates for more than 2 seconds. Gently place your seasoned steak on direct heat and resist the urge to touch it for about five minutes. (Seriously. Trust us.) This allows the steak to get a nice sear and crispy crust. Then flip the meat, wait, and CAREFULLY check for doneness by using your finger:
  • Rare meat is soft
  • Medium bounces back slightly
  • Well-done is firm

After removing your steak from the grill, resist the urge to dig in right away. Let the meat rest, on a plate under tin foil. By waiting 10 minutes, you’ll let all of those fatty juices re-distribute and throughout the meat.

Foolproof Ribs

Begin prepping your ribs the night before by coating them generously with Dell Cove’s Memphis Style Barbeque Rub, a sweet and smoky blend of spices, and wrapping the ribs in plastic overnight. When grilling, wrap the ribs tightly in 2 layers of foil, and place on indirect heat. How long you leave them on is up to you, but a minimum of 2-3 hours is suggested. When the meat begins to pull away from the bone, unwrap the foil, slather on your favorite sauce, and move the ribs onto direct heat to caramelize the meat.
Armed with a little grill knowledge and Dell Cove Spices & More’s gourmet spice blends, your grill with be the go-to hangout for your friends and family.

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